‘First to Forty’ presents a random collection of forty short articles and poems that inspire and connect us to the beauty of the everyday. Drawing us each into a more passionate love and engagement with our family, home and life. First to Forty is a discovery of a life, love, hope and happiness that leads you home. The perfect companion to the busy day or those needing a quick break from the mundane, serious or difficult. First to Forty will whisk you away to a place of fresh perspective in a gentle, humorous and thought provoking way. Highly recommended for those who want more out of life but don’t have the time to commit hours to reading just one story. The articles featured in First to Forty have been read by tens of thousands of men and women world wide. Loved because of the gentle and natural way that Rebecca – a wife and mother of four – sees beauty in the everyday; laughter, joy and hope in the trials, successes and failures of life; and triumph in facing things with a hope and a shared sense of gravity.



Last modified: February 3, 2017



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