If you loved watching Jim Henson’s Sesame Street or the Muppet Show when you were little, you are bound to find Phil Vischer’s new series entertaining as he uses the same kind of humour and puppetry while teaching children about the love of God.

With catchy tunes and hilarious characters, Phil Vischer has been able to attract the same audience interest as his original series, Veggie Tales which sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. 

In his new series What’s in the Bible, Phil does it again. This time aiming to teach, not only Christian stories, but Christian theology in a fun, new and exciting way. Is that even possible you ask? Yes, Phil does it well and believes that Christians today know a lot about the stories in the Bible, but not so much of the Bible’s origins, background and understanding of where it came from. 

What is the Bible? Who picked the books to be in the Bible? What does God want to save us from? How do all the books of the Bible fit together to make one big story? Will ponies make this show a hit? These are just some of the questions Phil and his funny puppet characters address in this series. 

The puppet with perfect hair, Buck Denver, leads the conversations from the news desk, with fast-paced flashes to an array of unique and interesting characters such as the knowledgable Sunday School Lady. 

Sunday School Lady is the all-wise teacher who seems to know an awful lot about everything in the Bible. On the odd occasion when she doesn’t know the answer, her magic flannel graph will know it, even though it cannot speak. She suggests you don’t mess with the Sunday School Lady.  Every now and then she will surprise you with her own special songs with their own special humour. 

Captain Pete with his Scottish accent, is the expert on history, telling his stories with some very clever and funny songs. His humorous segment, Pirates Guide to Church History, with his pirate parrot Reginald, tells ‘stories from the middle’ – between the time of Jesus to now. 

You’ll find yourself chuckling along with country singer Chuck Wagon from the buckle of the Bible Belt as he enlightens his audience with some very catchy silly songs making very little sense but good for a laugh.  With lines like: “If you drop it on your foot, oh your toes are gonna ache” and “If your Bible’s made of leather it smells sort of like a cow,” well, you get the idea.

The safari suited explorers, Clive and Ian, are easily distracted but very keen to find out more about the Bible, and give a regular sideline commentary.

Together the characters delve into investigations to discover that the Bible is much more special and deeper than Scientist Dr Schniffenhousen’s definition of the Bible as being paper made from trees, ink made from black carbon and oil, and covered in cow. 

With all the elements of drama, suspense, popsicle sticks, and silly songs, not to mention the age old wisdom of Sunday School Lady, Pastor Paul, and Brother Louie, Phil Vischer succeeds in bringing to the screen some fairly complex concepts in an extremely entertaining format that your kids will love.

Together they learn about some very interesting things and behind the scenes understandings of some of the greatest facts in history, laying a fabulous foundation of knowledge for young people  with a resounding revelation of a very loving God. Amongst some hilarious layered humour, not just for young children, but something the whole family will be able to enjoy, you may even find yourself  learning something new.

Last modified: May 31, 2018



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