In this fresh and exciting new series Jesus the Game Changer, well-known Christian communicator Karl Faase takes an intellectual look at the evidence for Jesus’ existence and his impact on the world.

Speaking with a collective of academics and experts from various countries, Karl Faase investigates how, in a time when the Roman Empire was rising and taking over the world, a man who appeared to have been defeated, was able to impact so many people for over 2000 years.

Jesus, who began with a handful of followers, lived a humble life and was crucified, but had enormous influence across the centuries, now with a total of over 2.1 billion followers across the globe. How is this possible and is there evidence to confirm that Jesus existed? Why was Jesus such a game changer? Karl Faase investigates.

In enlightening discussions with economists, computer scientists, authors, ministers and professors, Faase reveals how Jesus of Nazareth continues to be the most popular figure in history; how history records and looks at the evidence of Jesus; how inside and outside positive and negative sources of history overlap; and how we can have confidence in the stories recorded about Jesus in the Bible and other historical documents.

Through this episode we also discover the difference Jesus has made in the lives of these academics and how they have been transformed by the overwhelming knowledge that God is real and that Jesus opened up eternity for us.

Join Karl Faase in this compelling investigative documentary in search of the truth to find out how a man named Jesus made such an enormous impact on the world, which continues on to this day.

Last modified: May 31, 2018



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