Your four favourite postal detectives are back in a fabulous new series of Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

The ‘POstables’ join forces again to solve the mysteries of undeliverable ‘dead mail’ and find themselves caught up in a myriad of intertwining events and clues that connect the past with the present, often setting a new course for the future. In their discovery of letters that have been lost for years, burnt or damaged, it is up to this masterful team to put the pieces together and get the mail delivered to their rightful destinations.

What they don’t expect however, is that while solving other people’s mysteries, their own lives are touched by unimaginable twists and turns divulging intriguing plots of their own.

Old-fashioned, debonair Oliver O’Toole (Eric Mabius) returns with his mind on the job and meticulous accuracy in his procedures. Taking his role in the U.S. Postal Service very seriously, his traditional ways are beautifully balanced by tech-savvy Shane McInnerney (Kristin Booth) who brings a whole lot of heart to the team with her soft yet efficient personality.

Rita Haywith (Crystal Lowe) is as bubbly as ever and her awkward romantic interest continues with loveable researcher Norman Dorman (Geoff Gustafson). The two are obviously smitten with each other but are unsure how to express their feelings. With Rita competing in the National Miss Special Delivery contest, Norman finds he needs to step things up a bit as he notices the extra attention Rita is receiving from the local weatherman/news reporter.

In this season you will see relationships put to the test as the past unexpectedly catches up with them including Oliver’s missing wife (played by special guest star Poppy Montgomery), an old flame of Shane’s, and Oliver’s estranged father who reveals a shocking family secret.

The POstables witness true love as Oliver, Shane, Rita and Norman deliver lost divorce papers to a happily married couple.

Rita’s photographic memory comes in especially useful in episode three as the team works to uncover the case of a missing soldier. As the clues unfold, the POstables find their skills compliment and interlock seamlessly as they race against time to put the pieces together.

With the opportunity of being heard before the congressional committee, it is up to the POstables to present their case and convince the committee that the letter they have is enough evidence to send a mission to Afghanistan in the hope of saving the lost soldier. Will they be able to crack the code in time and return this soldier to her family? Is she even still alive? This particular episode may just bring a tear to your eye, so keep the tissues handy.

As they hold on to the truths of the Bible, the POstables see glimpses of the higher calling of their investigations and interactions with the wonderful people they meet along the way.

So many mysteries, so many twists and turns and all presented in the tradition we come to expect from Hallmark movies with beautiful warm cinematography. Martha Williamson (also creator of the Touched By An Angel series) has not disappointed in bringing these quirky, loveable characters to life, as they work their way into our hearts once again to reveal themes of love, forgiveness and the hope of never giving up.

Last modified: May 31, 2018



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