Genre: drama, family
Director: Jason Winn
Screenplay: Michael Buchanan, Diane Lang
Run Time: 1hr 17 mins
Cast: Christopher Rivera, Kelly Washington, Chris Bert, Cole Carson
Rating: M (bullying themes)

High school is tough, but for Jimmy Winterpock it is a whole new world of bullying and not fitting in.

When Jimmy (Christopher Rivera) is bullied for being overweight, he feels like his whole world is falling apart. That is, until he realises he’s not the only one with problems.

Junior High is a confusing place and with friends struggling with family dysfunction, learning challenges, depression, and even a missing girl, Jimmy decides to step up and improve his own situation. Jimmy makes a difference but not before he makes a few big mistakes.

During this process he unknowingly inspires and influences those around him, winning the respect of his peers and being able to lend a helping hand to some unlikely strugglers – even some belonging to the popular group.

Jimmy is an endearing character and his relationship with his supportive father (Bill Murphy) is heartwarming and a lovely part of the movie.

As Jimmy puts his problems into perspective, he realises that everyone is struggling with something. The preacher (Dolan Wilson) sums it up towards the end with this quote: “We are all tested, but how you respond will define your life.”

This, and the importance of having good support systems in place – in Jimmy’s case church, friends and family, seems to be the stand-out message of the story.

A bit slow to get moving, The Fat Boy Chronicles picks up the pace as it progresses and deals with the important issue of bullying and facing giants. It is based on a true story and this I think, gives it it’s authenticity.

Releasing on the 16th March, 2016, The Fat Boy Chronicles is a good movie with the purpose of addressing bullying. I give it a rating of 3.5/5. This movie may just pull on your heartstrings and give you an insight and empathy for the issues that teenagers face in this day and age.

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(c)Rebecca Moore 2016

Originally published for Christian Today Australia, 4th March 2016

Last modified: March 23, 2016



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