Genre: drama
Director: Brandon Dickerson
Run Time: 104mins
Cast: Wes Cunningham, Amy Acker, Tony Hale, Jeremy Sisto, Robyn Lively, John Billingsley
Rating: PG

Sometimes the most challenging journeys bring us to the greatest prize. On the verge of fame and fortune, Thomas Fisher is living a musician’s dream. With a killer record deal and a new L.A. apartment, Tommy is in his element playing the songs he writes to an audience who love him.

In the blink of an eye, Tommy’s dreams come crashing down as he is moved aside for a younger, more ‘relevant’ pop artist. Frustrated with the unstable music industry, Tommy and his wife Molly (Amy Acker) pack up their belongings and move from city L.A. to a small country town called Sironia, Texas.

With the intention of making a new life for themselves and with a baby on the way, Tommy and Molly buy a house and settle into their new community as best they can. But after six months of living like ‘regular people’, Tommy becomes unsettled, desiring the glitz of the life he once had as a rock star.

This causes conflict with his family and work place and, as his world crumbles again, Tommy has to find his way back from self-pity to a place of peace which reveals the true treasures that have always been with him.

Sironia is an uncomplicated film which captures struggles and emotions well. Anyone who has worked in the music arena will likely recognise and connect with the well-crafted performing and recording scenes, as well as the issues and the culture of this industry.

Wes Cunningham not only co-wrote the script but also acts in the lead role as Tommy. Wes is a musician in his own right and performs his own music throughout the movie. You may even notice his love for The Beatles which is subtly hinted at in some scenes.

There is also some good humour throughout the film. For example, when Tommy and Molly arrive in Texas, Tommy is astounded at the contrast between country and city ways, having lived in the city for so long. One line I laughed at was:

Tommy: “Woah check it out!”
Chad: “What?”
Tommy: “That dude’s mowing his lawn!”

Ok, so you might have to see the movie to get this in context with his expressions but still, it was pretty funny.

We gave this movie a rating of 4/5. Sironia was released on the 3rd December, 2015 and is available on VOD (Video on demand) or through iTunes.

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First published for Christian Today Australia 4th December, 2015


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