Set in Bosnia and based on a true story, Sabina and Sasa’s love is flourishing in a harsh post-war world, giving Sabina a new lease on life after her recent divorce. Sabina and Sasa had met during the war where Sabina was a nurse and Sasa a soldier. Despite Sasa being Catholic and Sabina being Muslim, they plan to marry against their family’s wishes.

In Spring, Sabina travels to Korcula to meet with Ankica, the mother of a close friend who was killed in the war. Supportive of their upcoming marriage, Ankica has organised for Sasa and Sabina to be married on the island where she lives.

The day Sasa is due to arrive comes and goes and Sabina begins to realise that he may not be showing up. As disappointment and curiosity set in, Sabina travels back home to look for Sasa only to find his belongings have been removed from their apartment, except for a pair of knitted gloves. Sabina suspects Sasa’s embittered mother of having her hand in his disappearance, but confronting her only ends in anger and yelling.

Sabina is devastated, and after a few weeks of hearing nothing from Sasa, Sabina collapses while at work. It is then discovered that she is carrying Sasa’s baby. Her family advise her to have an abortion, which she refuses to do and she is rejected again by her unforgiving mother. Her father is unwell, and although he loves her, is unable to convince his wife otherwise.

Heartbroken, Sabina is also being sued by her controlling ex-husband for child expenses, and refuses to let her see the children until she has paid. With no hope of being able to pay the amount he is requiring, Sabina begins to descend into a spiralling depression, all the while trying to survive.

Losing her job and evicted from her home, pregnant Sabina is forced to fend for herself on the streets in the freezing conditions of a Bosnian Winter. In her darkest hours, little glimpses of kindness from strangers shine through like stars in the sky.

When it all becomes too difficult, Sabina tries to take her life, overdosing on sleeping pills not once, but twice. Thankfully she is saved from both attempts, but during her final attempt, Sabina has an incredible revelation which will change her life forever.

Inspired by a true story, this movie will have you experiencing emotions and heartache for Sabina’s character that will move you to the core.

This film is authentic in it’s surroundings and it’s use of home-grown actors. The film is sub-titled which adds to it’s authenticity.

Alena Dzebo is very believable in her role as Sabina and draws in the viewer with her convincing portrayal of a woman who has been abandoned by her parents, friends, children, lover and society in general only to have the miracle of love bring her back from death into life again.

Sabina K is an impacting, must-see film which journeys through a road of emptiness to reveal the treasures of what matters most

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