Genre: drama
Director: Johnny Remo
Run Time: 100 mins
Cast: Billy Ray Cyrus, Joel Smallbone, Jennifer Taylor, Kerry Knuppe
Rating: PG 13+

Take a broken vase and gradually put the pieces back together. This is the image that came to my mind when watching Like a Country Song.

Jake Reeson (Joel Smallbone) is an up and coming fresh-faced country singer. His music draws crowds and adoring fans. His fame draws him into a life of hard partying and drinking.

To the world Jake Reeson is a successful young country singer with an ego as big as the hat he wore in the first scene (which, by the way, was an excellent opening to the movie with the song Welcome to Nashville being belted out by Jake in his gig at a bar).

But under the surface of this aspiring artist lies a troubled young man who has dragged a whole lot of pain with him throughout his life.

As his life spirals from the heights of stardom to rock bottom, Jake has to deal with memories of a fatal childhood accident, face an ex-girlfriend as well as learn that the father he thought was dead, is actually alive.

As he and his family wrestle through issues of pain and hurt, they begin a journey of forgiveness – not only to forgive, but also to receive it which proves just as difficult, if not more.

With a cast including Billy Ray Cyrus and Joel Smallbone (For King and Country), I knew this was going to be a musical treat, which it is, especially if you like country music.

The music ties in well with the themes of the story and the Nashville scenery and beautiful country setting add to the authenticity of the Tennessee country music culture.

The not-so-subtle Australian flag was nice to see plastered on Jake’s wall and hinted that, perhaps Joel Smallbone added his personal touch with this detail, as Australia is his homeland. Also keep an eye out for the sporadic appearances of the guitar-playing, hymn singing, country-guy angel.

I thoroughly enjoyed this thought-provoking movie and rate it 4/5.

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(c)Rebecca Moore 2016
Originally published for Christian Today Australia, 18th January 2016


Last modified: February 15, 2016



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