“It’s not about what you see, but how you see it” -I Am Potential

Father’s Day is a time to honour the men in our lives who have looked after us, sacrificed for us and loved us, and what better way to celebrate than to curl up on the lounge with the family and watch an inspirational film that shows the courage and love of a father for his son that crosses all limits.

In March of 1988, an exceptional musician was born in Louisville, Kentucky. This baby boy would grow to play piano from an early age and perform on a variety of stages beginning with the High School marching band, television appearances, the Louisville Orchestra and eventually two performances at the Grand Ole Opry alongside country music greats such as Faith Hill, Lonestar and Pam Tillis, amongst others.

This child was not only exceptional in his love and talent for music, but for the obstacles he had to overcome to achieve his dreams. Something which would never have been accomplished without the commitment and sacrificial love of his parents.

This inspiring true story has been brought to the screen by American Family Studios in a film that is sure to capture your heart.

Sport-loving Patrick and his wife Patricia, are anticipating the birth of their first child with great excitement. On their way to the hospital, Patrick cheers as he listens to a football game playing on the radio. He dreams that his soon to be born son will grow up loving sports as much as he does and maybe even become a star athlete.

On the birth of their baby boy, Patrick’s dreams come crashing down. Observing some unforeseen physical anomalies, Patrick and Patricia’s baby is diagnosed with bilateral anophthalmia with pterygium syndrome and congenital bilateral hip dysplasia. To put it plainly, baby Patrick has been born without eyes, unformed joints and it is unlikely he will ever be able to walk.

Devastated and dealing with shattered dreams, Patrick withdraws from his wife and child, putting all of his efforts into work and filling up his spare time playing basketball. With the burden of feeling alone in her care for their baby, Patricia lays it out straight one night.

“Patrick Henry may not be progressing like normal kids and he may never be a star athlete or an astronaut or a brain surgeon and maybe he’ll never reach the lofty perch of being average, but I will tell you this: he will be everything that God meant him to be.”

One night while looking after his baby, Patrick places his son on top of the piano while he plays it and quickly notices the soothing effect the music has on him. A beautiful bond begins to grow between the two of them, and as baby Patrick Henry grows, so does the love of his father who spends hours exposing his son to music and teaching him how to play piano.

We watch as Patrick Henry’s extraordinary musical gift develops and blossoms and as his father sacrifices everything to bring his son’s dreams to life.

With strong acting by Burgess Jenkins (Remember the Titans) and Jama Williamson (Parks and Recreation), I am Potential is sure to tug at your heart as it portrays a beautiful story of a family where a mother sees her son through the eyes of Jesus and a father denies himself to reveal the love of God within us and the potential that he has placed in us all to bloom.

We see a struggling father transformed into a hero; a child’s disabilities transformed into abilities. I Am Potential has a beautiful way of putting the problems of life into perspective with its inspiring and motivational message.

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