Grab your popcorn, pillows and your favourite friends and prepare yourself for a girl’s night in.

30-year-old Gwyneth Hayden is looking for a man, and despite her spunky personality, successful career and good looks, nothing seems to be working.

Afraid of being the last of her friends ‘left on the shelf’, Gwyneth (Lacey Chabert) finds herself considering an advertisement for a singles dating site called Christian Mingle. She isn’t a Christian, but hey, she has spent her career-life as a marketing executive, mastering the art of pretending. If she just applies those same techniques to dating, what could go wrong?

When Gwyneth meets the charming, clean-cut Paul Wood (Jonathan Wood) for the first time, she manages to keep up with his use of Christian lingo like a boss, and Paul is smitten. Keen to meet this handsome stranger again, Gwyneth conscientiously does her homework to learn verses and books of the Bible which makes for a great laugh when they don’t always fit into the right context.

Despite Gwyneth’s silver cross earrings and over-conservative choice of church clothes, Paul’s mother Lacie (Morgan Fairchild) isn’t convinced that Gwyneth is the legitimate Christian that she makes herself out to be. Doing her best to divert Paul’s attention away from Gwyneth, Paul’s mum puts her own choice of girlfriend in his way on more than one occasion.

Conflict and humour simultaneously coincide and Gwyneth finds much more in her hunt for a man than she originally bargained for.

Packed with humour and meaning, this film is a light-hearted look at Christians through the eyes of a non-Christian single woman, and the comedy of what happens when the two worlds collide will give you a laugh as well as a feel-good message to warm the heart.

If you liked Lacey Chabert in the 1995 Fox drama, Party of Five, and the 2004 comedy, Mean Girls, you will love her in her role as Gwyneth in Christian Mingle.

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