When talented chef, Jenny Fintley (Lacey Chabert – Party of Five) meets Wall Street trader, Brian Howell (Brennan Elliott – Night at the Museum 3), the chances of finding common ground between them are looking very slim. Throw them in a house together and you may just have a recipe for disaster.

Working in a demanding restaurant, Jenny knows what she’s doing in the kitchen. She has the tools, the sass and the know-how, but this is not where she wants to be. Her desire to one day own her own restaurant feels like a distant dream.

Feeling like the world is moving on without her, Jenny’s hopes of settling down in a house with a picket fence are dashed when an expected proposal from her boyfriend turns into an announcement of his new job and the signals the end of their relationship.

Just when she thinks her circumstances are looking grim, her life takes a surprising turn when she receives a call from a solicitor and learns that she has inherited a house from a distant relative named Emily Adams. What she doesn’t realise though, is that she has to share the house with a co-beneficiary.

Brian Howell, a high performing Wall Street trader on a tight schedule, is just as surprised as Jenny to hear that he is a co-benefactor in the inheritance. Brian’s life consists of deals, wins, money and schedules, and a house in the country has no place in this corporate world that he lives in. He is eager to sell the house, split the profits and get back to work.

Jenny has other ideas. Jenny instantly falls in love with the picturesque country house and the town where it is nestled. With plans to renovate the house and turn it into a Bed and Breakfast, Jenny convinces Brian not to sell the house suggesting that she eventually buys his half from him. Brian returns to New York and the arrangement seems to work well.

That is of course, until Brian lands on Jenny’s doorstep late one night without a job, money, and with no where else to go. The two reluctantly co-exist in the house together but not without conflict. The country is no place for this Wall Street city boy, and as he struggles to adjust to a slower pace of life, Jenny struggles to adjust to sharing the house.

The two quickly find listening ears amongst some kind town-folk and before long, begin to work out their differences. A goat called Gabby along with some necessary house improvements, become the combining factors that help develop a friendship which grows more interesting as time goes on.

With an ex-boyfriend still pursuing her, Jenny is surprised to find that she has moved on and now has feelings for the high-rolling city boy named Brian and he for her. But as communications are mixed, it looks like things may not go as well as hoped.

Filmed in picturesque Vancouver, Canada, the country landscapes are beautiful. The small country town feel has been captured skilfully in some convincing acting and wisdom from the likes of old man Vern (Edward Asner – Mary Tylor Moore Show) who seems to live on the chair outside the general store, and store-owner/town handy man Tommy (Daniel Cudmore – X-men – Days of Future Past) with his humorous single-word answers.

With some lovely twists and quirkiness, this Hallmark movie is the family-friendly, light-hearted romance you’ve been waiting for. All of My Heart will have you laughing, cheering, hoping and may even have you shed a tear or two.

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