Rebecca was born in Murgon, a little Queensland country town known for its vineyards, gem fossicking and farming. Having lived her first five years in the country, before moving to Sydney, she says, “the city could never take the country-girl out of me”.

Rebecca is inspired by all things beautiful.

Fields of flowers, stretching trees, rolling hills, the intricate beauty of creation and even fluffy clouds are all things that inspire my imagination”.

Married with four children, Rebecca now resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland, which seems to satisfy her need for beautiful coastal and country horizons and misty hinterland landscapes.

Having overcome struggles and adversity, including chronic illness during her teens, and the impact and ongoing injury suffered by a serious car accident in 2011, Rebecca seeks out, shares and inspires others by finding and writing about the good she finds in and around her life and this is reflected in her writing.

Her husband and four children are the loves of her life and often the subject of her stories as well as responsible for much of her busyness. Rebecca loves music and teaching young children the piano. In and around managing her busy household, she currently teaches “24 wonderful piano students”.

This busy mum is also a student of educational-support, creative writing and small-business management, achieving academic qualifications in all three. In the spaces in between, she loves to immerse herself in the piano, escaping into beautiful pieces of classical and modern music.

Growing up Rebecca was the little pig-tailed girl, in the pretty ribboned dress, who played with special dolls and wrote poetry, short stories and amassed volumes of diaries. So it’s no wonder that her passion and heart’s-pursuit is writing. Rebecca has an easy writing style that sensitively voices the heart and spirit of her subjects and clearly resonates the adventures, misadventures, humour and heart-ache of being a mum.

Rebecca is a freelance comment-piece writer and columnist, writing for Christian Today Australia, the Goodlife Magazine (Sunshine Coast), the Australian Christian Channel, the Salvos Warcry Magazine and the odd newspaper or online piece. Her work is often republished around the world online and in print.

As an Author, Rebecca’s first book First to Forty was published in 2016. She has also written a collection of children’s stories and is in the process of writing two other fictional works, which will be published on completion.

A major theme of her writing is one of beauty, adversity and the process of overcoming. It is the triumph of joy that makes Rebecca’s work unique.

“My aim is to encourage others. I desire to help children and adults alike find hope and joy through times that try us. I believe there is always something good to be found in the difficult times of life and it’s these things that deserve our attention”.

Rebecca loves life, enjoy it with her –


Last modified: May 10, 2018


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