Perched beside the ocean in a tree set way up high,

Sat a nest, held strong in branches, with four baby chicks inside.

The mother bird was very near with food to satisfy

The little chicks grew bigger as each sunny day went by.

She gave her babies lessons,

She taught them wrong from right

Then one day she had noticed

It was time to take their flight.

They had some practice take-offs

And flapped their brand new feathers

One by one they had become

Well versed in all their measures.

And then the day arrived

When the little ones should fly.

She knew it must be done

But mother bird still had a cry.

“Just remember You’ve been given everything you need to fly.

You’ve got feathers, wings, direction and you’ve even got good eyes.

Your landing gear is working and your tail sits nice and high,

So go on now and spread your wings

Soar up and reach the sky.”

One little bird arranged his feathers,

lifted up his chin,

He climbed up on the straw nest-edge

And gave his Mum a grin.

He summoned all his courage

Suppressed those butterflies

Took one more step, held his breath

And then he shut his eyes.

The breeze swept up and caught his wings

The bird was quite surprised,

It balanced and supported him

It took him through the sky.

Across the town, across the school

Across the meadows green

He saw the blue horizon

How the sun made waters gleam.

The little bird grew tired and began to feel alone

Very soon he swirled around and headed on back home

And when he saw his tree beside the ocean way up high

He found his nest and came to rest, and waved the breeze ‘goodbye’.

“Oh mother bird, we had such fun, the breeze, the sky and I.

I’m glad you taught me very well, I’m glad that I can fly.”

(c) Rebecca Moore 2013

First published for the Good Life magazine Spring 2013

Last modified: November 19, 2015



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