The wind was rushing, the waves were crushing
And high upon gusty seas
The little boat came sailing
Though nothing he could see.

‘I know the land is near,’ he said,
‘it won’t be far away.’
Though night was here,
He did not fear
For morning would bring day.

And so the boat kept sailing,
He knew he’d see the sun.
Standing firm and standing strong
Was all that could be done.

‘Hello there,’ said a wee small voice,
‘I wonder if you’d mind,
I floated on a comfy log
Which now I just can’t find.’

‘Well come up here,
Rest in my boat, we’ll sail together fine.
We’ll sail until the morning comes.’
So in hopped Mousie Tyne.

And on they sailed
Until one hailed
‘I can swim not one more stroke!
I’m tired and I’m weary,
I can barely even float.’

‘Well come up here,
Rest in my boat,
We’ll sail together well.
We’ll sail until the morning comes.’
So in hopped Bunny Belle.

So Mousie Tyne and Bunny Belle
Sailed in the little boat
Though nothing could be seen by them
They did not give up hope.

‘I see a light
It is quite bright
I think it is the sun!
As soon as we can reach the land
Our sailing will be done!’

And so they sailed right to the sand,
To where the little boat could land
And in an instant both were out
And Bunny could not help but spout:

‘Oh thank you little sailing boat,
Without you there would be no hope.
You saved us and we’re very glad,
To stay out there would be quite mad!’

‘My pleasure,’ said the little boat,
‘Just remember to take note,
That when it’s dark and very glum
Remember that the sun will come,
And that will get you through the night
Just look and you will see a light.’


(c) Rebecca Moore 2013

First published for The Good Life magazine Winter 2013

Illustrations by Cherie Allan

Last modified: January 1, 2016



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