Having lived for almost a century, my husband’s 96-year-old grandmother, Dorothy Moore, has seen an awful lot, has experienced an awful lot and is still surprised at new challenges facing the world daily. But never before has she witnessed anything like the Covid-19 virus that is sweeping the world as we speak. 

The global effect of the corona virus has often been compared to war times. In chatting with Dorothy recently, I asked if she would mind emailing me a few thoughts on how World War II affected her and how she sees this current crisis in comparison. This is what she sent: 

“Dear Rebecca, 

I really think that this coronavirus is worse than the war on account that every country is involved, and the WHOLE world is affected. 

Dorothy’s experience of the war: 

I was a teenager during the war and remember being issued with a limited number of coupons which covered food, clothing, petrol and every other commodity. I went to school and then work by train and never ever felt threatened—Not like today. 

Lights were all out and people were warned not to even smoke a cigarette outside at night in case the enemy (planes) might spot it. When I was getting my things together for our wedding, Eric would send me any spare coupons. I was married in my Salvation Army uniform because of the amount of coupons I would need for a white wedding.

My Grandfather was an air raid warden and on one occasion after we were married, we went down to Yeppoon to visit him and he was going to fine Eric because he didn’t have the appropriate cover over the headlights.

The Yanks were everywhere, and I well remember all the troop trains going through Rockhampton loaded with Yanks. Unfortunately, some women went mad and chased the Yanks—the result ended up with lots of Yankie babies.

Max [her firstborn and my husband’s father] was born just as the war ended. Eric was building our home in Rockhampton and had difficulty getting materials because they had all been confiscated. He did a great job building our first home and I believe it still looks as good today as then.”

The trials of the present

To compare to today’s crisis, the enemy (virus) is invisible. It has shut in our elderly and has increasingly restricted the movements of the wider community. Though we don’t have coupons for restricted food, our restrictions come in the form of job losses, income loss, reduced access to products, and when we do venture out to collect supplies, there is the unseen danger of contagion causing us to cover ourselves and disinfect ourselves regularly. We don’t hear the plane engines of the enemy coming, this enemy is silent.

Yes, the intrusion of this latest crisis is unlike no other and can cause fear and anxiety in this new world that we live in. We are even restricted from visiting each other and comforting the elderly, our family and our friends with a hug—a language that has always been one of love.

So, what does our new love language look like?

Today, love is shown by staying away physically, but staying in contact technologically. We must continue to stay connected, we must continue to check on each other. And the best love language of all—is to pray for each other. Prayer has power beyond the imaginable. It is what Jesus did, and it is what we should do. It connects us with God Almighty who has the power to overthrow any weapon that comes against us and set His angel army into action. 

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Many great things have come about, been overthrown and miracles abound because of prayer. If we are to love our neighbour as ourselves, then we must pray. 

Pray for guidance, pray for forgiveness, pray for protection, pray for wisdom, pray for a way to be made in the desert. Pray for healing, pray for health. Pray for a mighty move of God. All these things will be added to us when we seek first the Kingdom of God. 

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” (Matthew 21:22)

Who and what are you going to add to your prayer list today? Start praying.

©Rebecca Moore 2020

Published on Christian Today Australia, April 2020 https://www.christiantoday.com.au/comment/comparisons-to-the-warfrom-96-year-old-dorothy-moore.html?fbclid=IwAR2uMRk851QZXoZPq0Zzj2lMZLBDj_VOUxkzCv4zJwYwVpj0wJoerpxkHT8

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