It is exciting. The first Anthology written by the columnists of Christian Today Australia. ‘God In Life’ is a collection of articles birthed from the hearts of 26 distinctly different writers from many different backgrounds but connected by the common thread of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Christian Today Australia young writers are delighted to present to the public through both Christian and secular bookshops this collection of God-glorifying articles to help you ponder and reflect on things of God within the realms of daily life.

The testimonies and reflections within the book are varied and interesting, with topics that will both resonate with you and even surprise you.

Behind the program of this Christian writing organisation is the faith, vision and abilities of the founder of Press Service International and under the direction of the Christian Today Young Writer program, Dr Mark Tronson.

Photo  –  Dr Mark Tronson ANZAC morning 

Leading the way

Much has been written on Mark Tronson. This is our perspective from within the ‘camp’ as it were. Dr Tronson has been a father in the faith to countless people throughout his 43 years in Ministry—a spiritual mentor. Many people have made comment on Dr Tronson’s genuine interest and encouragement, and how he has a knack for seeing the value in people, and an eye for identifying and developing their God-given skills and talents.

He would tell you himself that his most important role in life is being a husband to his lovely wife Delma of 43 years, Dad to four children and now grandfather to a growing number of grandchildren (four at latest count).

After 17 years as chaplain for the Australian cricket team and having written 24 widely distributed books, and with articles regularly published throughout the world (through the Ramon Williams Religious Media unit), God led Dr Mark Tronson into another “faith adventure”—to establish ‘Press Service International’ in 2005.

Photo  –  Delma Tronson reading the 7.00pm prayer on Covid 19 (Australian Christian Lobby) 

A new vision

This new venture was driven from a vision to promote Christian young people’s articles around the world. Due to Dr Tronson’s extensive experience in the sporting world and extensive writings, it was not long before Christian Today’s 2008 editor Szeleng Chan invited him to write a daily article. The following year new editor David Chang met with Mark Tronson requesting he write an additional daily sport article. Too much, but they agreed Mark would find five young people to write sport—one each day.

These articles were popular with readers, and the need for more writers across a broad range of topics caused the young writer ministry to take shape. Ten years later, and with the gracious support of Mr Basil Sellers AM, there are now 105 young writers (two groups: 18-30 years and the Over 31s). They come from Australia, New Zealand, and around the world with their articles published daily on ‘Christian Today Australia’ and beyond. Many articles are republished.

Photo  –  Delma Tronson with flowers sent by her family of 12

Award-winning program

God’s hand has been incredible in the growth and expansion of the PSI writer program which has now been acknowledged at the highest level. In 2019, ‘Press Service International’ was awarded the Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) premier award, ‘The Gutenberg’. Dr Tronson was humbly surprised beyond belief with his wife Delma, having to repeat to him the award—for him to comprehend the honour—and move forward to receive it.

At the 2019 Young Writers conference in Melbourne, Dr Tronson spoke on the subject of ‘the Lord preparing a way’ as promised in the Book of Jonah. The Lord has surely done that, and now with Christian Today Australia’s first published book, ‘God In Life’, the Lord has gone ahead yet again, to create a new path to further the reach of the testimonies and stories of faith of emerging generations throughout the marketplace.

You can purchase ‘God In Life’ through any good online bookstore.

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As published on Christian Today Australia 4/5/20

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