“The sound of smooth jazz enticed the guests to the entrance doors where vines of fairy lights and white flowers hung on suspended ladders from the ceiling. The aroma of freshly baked sweets and savouries filled the senses and the visual dance of linen laden tables, shabby chic décor and friendly faces all made for the warmest of welcomes on entering Kingdom House, Tanawah on the Sunshine Coast last Saturday.” —Rebecca Moore

The event—a book launch.

The quirky title “Pizza and Choir” had guests intrigued, though it was not long before this was explained by author, Rebecca Moore, during an excellent interview led by a very natural and conversational MC, Megan Bennett.

 “Read the first chapter…loved it. Had to find out the story behind the title!” —Mark Furler (Journalist/editor)

Rebecca Moore has been a senior writer and monthly editor for Christian Today Australia’s Press Service International for several years. During this time, she has written for various online and print media in a variety of comment pieces, movie reviews and articles.

Her first book, “First to Forty” was published as a gift from her husband in 2016 and since then she has continued to write, drawing from her experiences as a mother, and driven by her great love of conveying the message of salvation to as many people as possible through the publication of her works.

Throughout the interview, Rebecca told of how her love of writing had “always been a part of who she was” having loved stories and reading from a very early age. She tells of the impact a high school teacher made on her life when he told her that she would one day write a book. Thinking this would be something way off in the future, she continued to write without thinking of publication.

Looking back on her life, Rebecca reflects on how God was always leading her towards her writing passion. Her first job on leaving high school was working in a book shop and then later, after marrying and having four babies, her life was directed through swimming teaching to publication.

Rebecca tells of a distinct time when her life made a direct diversion to the path she was meant to be on. Driving home from work one day, Rebecca was listening to a song about someone’s life changing for good after a tragic car accident. In this same moment, her car was struck head-on by a car exiting a side street.

She was knocked unconscious but when she awoke, she was looked after in a nearby building until the paramedics arrived—which happened to be a publishing house.

It was during the following year that publishing opportunities began to open for Rebecca. Eight years on, with two published books, Rebecca is right where she feels she is meant to be—spreading the good news of Jesus through the gift of writing.

Her latest release, Pizza and Choir—a walk through the garden of life that leads you home, is written from the heart of a mother with stories short enough to read over a cup of coffee or while putting the children down for their nap, and filled with enough love and encouragement to keep you going for the rest of the day with a joyful mindset.

Pizza and Choir is a beautiful view of life. With a masterful touch, loving heart and joyful perspective in life, Rebecca captures and retells the moments in our lives that really matter.

Let’s see what readers and guests had to say:

“‘Pizza and Choir’ is a gorgeous compilation of stories, poems and prose that warmed my heart and reminded me daily that life’s little issues and struggles are temporary, but God’s love for us is permanent…[This book]is like a big hug each time I pick it up.” —S. Keetley

“I love this book, it makes me feel normal! —It is an absolute delight to read and so beautifully written that it becomes relatable and engaging. Rebecca has you entertained, laughing, crying and inspired from the beginning to the end. This book encourages you to see the beauty of life, to be thankful for the strengths we find in trials and truly grateful for God’s blessings upon our lives.” —P. Wilson

“[This book] brings so much peace and clarity to our busy lives. Thank you for sharing your heart through your powerful (and funny) stories. You are such a blessing.” —M. Bennett

“I had tears in my eyes. The words you penned on those pages are beautiful!” —A. Fenton

“It was such a special afternoon celebrating the launch of Rebecca Moore’s new book “Pizza and Choir”. The snippets of the book and poetry that Rebecca shared were like honey to the soul…” —D. Jacobs  

“It was so great to be part of Rebecca Moore’s book launch this weekend. Hearing you share your heart Beck and all that went into creating your second book “Pizza and Choir” was amazing! Your writings are a gift to us all!!”

 —Pastor D. Fenton

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