Things are anything but sleepy in the little town of Hope Valley as season two draws to a close. With only two episodes left, you can’t afford to miss a thing!

Storm clouds are gathering and I don’t just mean the dark clouds gathering in the sky. The town is in turmoil and things are not looking good.As the dust still settles from Julie and Tom’s car accident, Julie is mad with her family for driving Tom away. The Thornton brothers are not good enough for the Thatcher sisters and it seems the rift it has caused between the families is also eating into Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship.Returning from Hamilton, the air is icy between Elizabeth and Jack. At odds with each other, they struggle to see if they will ever be able to work through their differences. Two different people from two different worlds—some barriers seem just too high to climb over. With Jack having shown attentions towards nurse Faith, and with Elizabeth’s old flame Charles so easily coming in and out of her life, the ground is looking shaky for this relationship. Is this the end for Jack and Elizabeth? Is it time for them to move on? (oh…I hope not!) Only time will tell.

Back on the job, Jack gets closer to finding the counterfeit culprits, and Bill is put off the case. If Bill has been put off the case, what then, are his interests for staying in Hope Valley? What other secret is he hiding? Rosemary makes a discovery that puts Jack in a dangerous situation, and Elizabeth is frightened to witness again, how dangerous Jack’s job really is. Henry Gowan continues his schemes, stirring up trouble with the townsfolk by putting pressure on small businesses. Abigail is at a loss when she receives a notice from Gowan and is faced with having to make repairs on her shop with an impossible deadline. When Pastor Frank steps in to help—are these sparks we see before us? Not if Bill could have his way, but with Nora on the scene, there may be trouble in the wind for Abigail.

On a lighter note, the comedic couple, Rosemary and Lee seem to be having some troubles of their own. Lee seems to be taking joy in parading Molly Sullivan by his side and the happy couple just happen to run into Rosemary on more than one occasion. Rosemary, seething on the inside, struggles to keep her ‘happy face’ on, but is more determined than ever to win her Lee back, creating some very humorous scenes.

As the town braces for the storm, the people of Hope Valley are forced to face their foes. Will the rain clouds disperse allowing a clear sky again? What damage is likely to be left behind? As the clean up begins in episode 10, will the town be able to put the pieces back together? Be sure to buckle up for the season’s final cliff-hanger!

Put your Winter slippers on, snuggle up and don’t miss the final episodes of this heartwarming favourite, When Calls the Heart.

Last modified: May 31, 2018



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