Genre: music, family, drama
Director: Andrew Lauer
Writer: David Kauffman
Run Time: 110 mins
Cast: Cheyenne Jackson, Kevin Pollak, Christopher Lloyd, Christing Woods, Avi Lake
Rating: PG

Ben Cantor had been on this musical rollercoaster before. In the past he’d had the deal every musician dreamed of but couldn’t bring himself to sacrifice the dignity of his music for what the label had wanted in return.

Now, having resigned himself to working for a living as a barista rather than pursuing his life-long dream to be a singer-songwriter, Ben is miserably content and lacks the passion his off-sider has for cafe work. In Ben’s words, his music is ‘dead and gone’, and he fails to convince himself and those around him that his dream is now to put food on the table.

When his daughter unknowingly enters her dad’s composition into a reality T.V. Show called ‘The Song’, Ben’s loved ones do all they can to convince him to pursue his dreams once again and accept the highly sought after position he has been awarded as a contestant on the show.

Reluctantly Ben accepts, not because he wants to, but to get his wife and daughter off his back, and finds himself winning the first show that sends him on an immediate tour.

Desperately trying to hold on to his musical integrity, Ben gradually gets caught up in the glamour and hype of fans and performances, neglecting the things that are truly important to him as he focuses on winning the final prize.

A family emergency begins to snap Ben back to reality and he releases his ego-driven attitude to send a message of love home to his little girl.

A thoughtful story exposing some highs and lows of public life, this movie explores the need to pursue the gifts and dreams that have been born in us but not to allow them to take over. There is a level of balance that Ben has to come to grips with to be able to do both: develop his talents and care for his family, and the rewards are evident.

One treat that I was delighted to see was the casting of Christopher Lloyd who played ‘Doc’ in the Back to the Future movies. His character is especially delightful as the wise old ‘Pop’ who, although quiet and observant, is the rock of the family giving advice and balance to some awkward situations. He even snuck in his famous “that’s preposterous!” line (which you will understand if you have seen Back to the Future).

I found this movie was enjoyable and gave it a rating of 3.5/5. The One I Wrote for You will be released on VOD on the 10th February, 2016.

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(c) Rebecca Moore 2016

Originally published for Christian Today Australia, 3rd February 2016

Last modified: February 15, 2016



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