Genre: Family, drama
Director: Nikita Zubarev
Distributed by: Heritage Films
Run Time: 85mins
Cast: B. Bradenton Harper, Blade Yocum, Dariush Moslemi
Rating: PG

Life can be difficult for teenagers as they transition into adulthood, but throw a couple of tragedies into the mix and you’ve literally got to sink or swim.

Things just aren’t going the way 13year old Jake (B. Bradenton Harper) would like them. After a close call where Jake is present during a convenience store hold up, Jake’s parents decide enough is enough, and move the family to Minnesota to escape the escalating crime rate of Chicago.

Now living at the campground bought and run by his parents, Jake finds it difficult to adjust to life in the country until he meets Peter (Blade Yocum), a boy who lives across the lake. Jake and Peter become best friends and Peter shares his faith with Jake and how it has helped him since the passing of his mother.

The boys get up to all sorts of shenanigans until two tragedies strike close to home and Jake finds himself searching for answers.

With the help of those around him, Jake comes to realise that life is bigger than just himself and as he begins to heal, he helps others and learns that God has a plan for everyone’s life, one day at a time.

Topics like ‘why do bad things happen to good people,’ and ‘finding peace in turmoil’, are touched on as a friend struggles with anger issues towards God.

The Current is a thoughtful and moving movie that delves deep into thoughts and feelings that are often hard to articulate. It raises difficult questions and tackles real and raw emotions that come with the grief and often the anger of losing a loved one.

Although you may need to keep a box of tissues nearby, this is not a depressing movie, but instead intermingles honesty and hope with a bit of joy and fun.

Two thumbs up from my 16 year old son who said, “it made me think about life and death and how it’s important to remember that whatever happens, even though it’s hard, God still has a plan.”

We gave this movie a rating of 3.5/5. Keep an eye out for it’s release date on the 18th November 2015. You can purchase The Current through Koorong bookstores or the Heritage Films online store.

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(c) Rebecca Moore

First published for Christian Today Australia 12 November, 2015

Last modified: November 16, 2015



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