What do baseball and ballet have in common? Not a lot, but if Ben and Maura don’t figure it out soon, it may be too late.

Married couple Ben (William Baldwin – Backdraft) and Maura (Kari Matchett – Covert Affairs), seem happily in love. With their youngest child following in his sister’s footsteps and about to leave for college, the couple are facing the beginning of the empty nest.

All seems to be going well in their busy lives, and business opportunities begin to open up for Maura. With a temporary promotion luring her away from the family home to a bank in Minneapolis, Maura is tempted to take the position, after all she has worked hard throughout the years and now her hard work is paying off.

At the same time she is slightly concerned about the state of her marriage. Ben and her have always loved each other, but as the children have grown up, their differing interests have caused a crevice to grow between them which has the potential to turn into a cavern if they’re not careful.

With a love for ballet, culture and the arts, Maura is not in the least bit interested with baseball which Ben is an avid fan of. Ben loves to watch a game and takes more joy in having a long breakfast than joining Maura for a morning jog. For years Ben and Maura have been able to manoeuvre in their dance around each other’s interests, but as the sands begin to shift, life takes a new twist.

When Maura’s job becomes permanent, Ben and Maura can’t agree on where to live so they look for a middle ground which involves living separately. As Maura follows her new career path, the initial separation is difficult but Ben and Maura quickly adjust.

While there are friends and co-workers who share their interests, there seems no reason to worry. Ben’s baseball-loving co-worker, Sienna, easily steps in to fill Maura’s shoes with ironing and meals, while Maura’s new boss just happens to like the ballet and jogging. But when friendships become flirtatious, the alarm bells begin to ring for those close to the couple, and their two teenage children Steven and Amy, take it upon themselves in assisting to bringing their parents back to where they should be – together.

Amy and Steven come up with a plan and strategically team up with each parent – Amy in Minneapolis with her mum, and Steven in Minnesota with his dad. They get to work keeping an eye on things and, as they voice their concerns to their parents, a light shines on some real issues previously unseen by the couple.

As Ben struggles to save his marriage, his good friend Doug, whose wife passed away, reminds Ben that he would give anything to have one more second with his wife and that relationships are precious and worth fighting for. As Ben makes some hard decisions, will Maura come to the party or will her own goals get in the way?

In all its hallmark cinematic glory and excellent acting from some well-known seasoned actors, this movie poses the question: how should couples support each other in diverse busy lives while keeping their individual interests and relationships in tact? Not always easy and sometimes a rocky road, we see how busy lives require extra care, and compromise sometimes takes many forms.

Fall in love all over again as Lead With Your Heart takes you on a journey reminding us once again that of all accomplishments, family is the greatest.

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