Abel’s Field is a raw, authentic and genuine movie that tells a story you will feel from beginning to end, and hope with all your might that good will win and that everyone will live happily ever after. But this movie is anything but a fairy tale. Instead it is life portrayed candidly through the eyes of a struggling teenage boy in a set of circumstances you will wish you could just take from him.

Samuel Davis plays a very convincing role as 17 year old Seth, a good-hearted boy who, after the passing of his mother and the abandonment of his father, has been left to look after his younger twin sisters.

Once an up and coming football player with a strong throwing arm, Seth has had to abandon his dreams in order to balance three jobs, school and parenting in the hope of keeping his siblings together. Struggling to understand why God didn’t heal his mother, Seth rejects the regular offers of help from the local church, determined to survive on his own.

Seth works hard but is often misunderstood. Constantly finding himself being beat up by the school’s football team, Seth is sent to work with the school’s groundsman, Abel (Kevin Sorbo – Soul Surfer), as his punishment. Together they are required to fix and prepare the extensive sprinkler system to keep the grounds in shape for football games.

Abel the groundsman is a man of little words. He works quietly but seems to connect with Seth. As Seth struggles through his challenges, Abel is the listening ear with timely words of wisdom but, as Seth is soon to find out, Abel has some serious secrets of his own.

Despite their inner struggles, the two seem to understand each other and Seth finds some kind of mentor in this quiet groundskeeper. Abel unobtrusively influences Seth with his faith in God, not by preaching to him but through his example in dealing with situations that arise.

Already stretched to his limit, Seth is not sure how much more he can take. Doing all that he can, Seth continues to take one hit after another, picking himself up repeatedly to be strong for his sisters. But as his father’s old debts begin to arrive on his doorstep, Seth finds himself at risk of losing everything and is faced with a decision that could change his life forever.

Nicole Elliot plays a lovely role as Katie, the ex-girlfriend of the school’s football star who falls for the kid with the troubled home life. She sees beyond Seth’s tough exterior revealing a boy who loves his family enough to do what ever it takes to keep them together. Katie brings a softness and love into their world which has been missing since the passing of their mother.

This movie successfully balances the realness of an imperfect world with the flickers of hope that appear with the grace redemption offers. With themes of perseverance, hope, faith and the power of choices, this film is sure to move even the hardest heart.

Last modified: May 31, 2018



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