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Press Service International are pleased to announce a first of its kind publication, ‘God In Life’—an anthology from the columnists of Christian Today Australia and New Zealand. The team behind this remarkable tome are publishers—Tony and Rebecca Moore (Rebecca is a fellow senior writer, Sunshine Coast), and editor—David Goodwin (former WarCry editor, Melbourne).  

Video hosted by Tony and Rebecca Moore

This beautifully presented book is a reassuring reminder that God is not distant, that He is our ever-present help in every area of our lives—interested in the smallest things to the largest and never absent in times of need.

A refreshing look at God’s unwavering love, these reflections of God’s love in many aspects of life will help draw your attentions away from the complexities of the world and onto His ever-loving face.

Addressing topics such as purpose, anxiety, loneliness, relationships, courage, perseverance, social issues, betrayal, promises, and even snake-shooting, this book is unique in all its characteristics.

The talented writers of Christian Today Australia gather from a very broad range of backgrounds which include: doctors, filmmakers, university students, school teachers, pastors, those living with physical challenges, mums, dads, musicians, and even a retired journalist and CEO of the (then) Australian Rough Riders Association (Pro-Rodeo). Their diverse backgrounds create an astounding kaleidoscope of colourful perspectives on life which are tied together by a very special thread—their faith in Jesus Christ.

We see the unchanging, unmistakable, character of Jesus, weaving its way throughout all the stories, showing the very nature of God in the lives of very different people, revealing once again that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Established in 2005 by Dr Mark Tronson, Press Service International has a vision and goal to equip and encourage young adult writers to voice their faith in Christ to their generation and beyond. Supported by Mr Basil Sellers AM, Press Service International has done just that—publish God’s glorious deeds to the nations, telling everyone of the amazing things He does (Psalm 96:3).

Photo  –  Tony and Rebecca Moore

‘God In Life’ has been published to assist with fundraising efforts for the writers of Christian Today Australia who give of their time freely for the edification of others. The profits raised will go towards assisting and upskilling the writers for their annual conferences where they gather together to set goals and vision for the upcoming year.

In purchasing this anthology, you directly help financially support these writers to grow their gift and develop their voice.

Each writer will have copies to sell from May onwards, and you will be personally helping them by purchasing directly from a writer you know.

God In Life will also be available online through any good bookstore as of  May, 2020. Enter the title ‘God In Life’ or the ISBN: 9780648460237. Alternatively, you can contact for more information.

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